I have no way of contacting my kids

I have no way of contacting my kids. My ex-wife, their mother, Carole has succeeded in poisoning my kids, even going so far as convincing them and the courts that I threatened to shoot her. Oddly enough, the threat wasn’t quite credible enough to ever get police involved. I do not own a gun, nor at any time did hold, point, or even MENTION a gun. But the kids were 5 and 11 years old when, after a number of staged events, my wife and the conveniently placed neighbours, convinced them to be afraid of their father. At the time I believed that, over time, as they got older they would reach out. My son did a bit – but no further contact. My daughter hasn’t even heard my voice since she was 11. 20 years later, my children have not contacted me, nor will they allow any facebook, cell phone, direct, or indirect communication at all.

When this whole saga reached it’s breaking point, I went right along with it because I didn’t have any choice. I didn’t have a cent for a lawyer, and it was clear that the few rights myself and my children had, were being forgotten and/or ignored. I was at a huge disadvantage, despite having been home to raise my children and provide a safe and loving home. I was the one who picked them up from school, made lunch, and took them out to the playground, parks and McDonald’s. I was a deejay at night, but my wife basically brought home the bacon. I took care of the children just the way any mother (or father) who was available during the day would. I had all of the responsibilities and none of the rights, all because my wife made more money and could afford a fancy (and corrupt) legal team. The financial power dynamic swung a particular way, and suddenly I was broke with little or no hope of access to my own children.

As you will see in the “Legal” section, my ex claimed that I threatened her with a gun, and set up neighbours to watch me get upset when I came to collect my children and she refused. As I read further into the yellowed divorce documents, I saw a pattern of not asking the kids if they would like to see their dad, but rather statements that the kids did not want to see their dad because they were afraid of me.(Link to letter.shoot)  She convinced the kids that they should be afraid of me. After all that happened, even if I had been handed visitation rights, my wife had already robbed me of my kid’s trust- the most sacred thing a parent can have, so what good would a piece of paper do?

Update: My son has contacted me and i have his cell number.

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