Divorce Paul Murton – Why Am I Posting

Divorce Paul Murton – Why Am I Posting

Editor’s Notes

I recently went through decades of paperwork in search of my divorce papers. I lost my children when they were young, and it had recently occurred to me that I might be able to post my story online in order to reach out to them and let them know what really happened back then. I wasn’t able to contact them as they were growing up, but technology has at least made it possible that they might find this one day. I’ve tried contacting my daughter, but after so many years, she wants nothing to do with me. This is my last resort. There was briefly some contact with my son, but it was before I had those divorce papers in my hands, and was reminded of the lies my children and the courts were told. They deserve the truth, and they deserve to know that their father didn’t walk away willingly. With any luck, my kids or someone they know will Google them one day and come across this little autobiographical piece. This information may be new to them, likely will not correct their opinion about me, nor would I expect them to call me all of a sudden. Information posted on the web lives forever. This isn’t a solution by any means, and it’s many years overdue, but at least the truth is out there, and this is cheaper than any therapy I could afford to provide for the kids.

I was a dedicated and loving father until I wasn’t allowed to be, and my wife had the money and resources to destroy me in court.

It is my hope that other fathers in similar circumstances will see this post and be made aware of how quickly and easily their family can be taken from them- and if it has already happened, they are not alone. They system needs to change and these lawyers need to take responsibility for their actions. And mothers who CAN demonize a loving father just because they can afford the lawyers, doesn’t mean they should actually go ahead and do it. I lost the opportunity to watch my children grow up and they lost a loving father over nothing but lies and manipulation.

My children don’t deserve to spend their entire lives thinking their father doesn’t care, or that he was the horrible person their mother made him out to be. I was just a father who wanted to take my kids to the park and wasn’t allowed.

Divorce Paul Murton – Why Am I Posting
Mr. Murton threatened to shoot Mrs. Murton
Poisoning the kids against a parent
I have no way of contacting my kids

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