Mr. Murton threatened to shoot Mrs. Murton

I know it has been a few years, but this came up when I was throwing out papers from my storage unit. I came across the letters to my lawyer regarding my divorce and was shocked to see a letter stating that I had “threatened to shoot Mrs. Murton” (Link to letter shoot). I do not own a gun or at anytime have I touched or held one. So, with “perfect” legal advice, and brainwashing well underway, I couldn’t even offer to help, or even ask my kids what could be done if I wanted to take them to MacDonald’s for a happy meal. Add to this the damaging (and GROSSLY UNTRUE) statement to the children “your dad does want to see you”. (Letter about fear) The kids were officially poisoned against me. I had/have no legal or logical recourse neither then nor now. I tried with this letter to the court.(Link to letter.reply)  With any issue during a child young age these types of action have an effect on their later views on relationships, marriages, and life. That’s part of my justification for this web posting. The kids are grown enough to have already suffered so much damage, but they don’t need to go on forever believing that their father deserted them willingly.

POLAK, McKAY & HAWKSHAW did a great job of taking away a dad’s kids. They could have a sogan , HAWKSHAW & McKAY….We make Dad go away!. The legal masters of how to poison the kids. The other issue is about the Law Society of Ontario (previously Upper Canada Law Society)  and their lack of regulation for liars or sorry lawyers. How is it that a criminal act against a woman – “Mr. Murton threatened to shoot Mrs. Murton ” wouldn’t require a report from the lawyer to the police? If it wasn’t true and therefore unworthy of a police report, why is it part of a custody hearing? Another issue I had was that one of these letters to my lawyer wasn’t even signed, and the other was a faint squiggle. Is this ok? Should it have been my lawyer’s responsibility to ask me about my alleged threat to shoot the mother of my children in between asking to take the kids to the park to play?

It’s perfectly understandable that I’m less than impressed with the behaviour of my ex wife,Carol, and the use of her lawyer “N. CAMERON MURKAR“. People who look up either name will now have an opportunity to read about what they have done.

Children are very easily manipulated and deserve their OWN representation away from the watching eyes of vengeful divorcing parents. I specifically requested that lawyers represent my no avail. Why wasn’t anyone checking in on my children when their father was allegedly threatening to shoot their mother? Why wasn’t someone who wasn’t biased toward one parent asking my children about their relationships with their parents without their mother sitting nearby, arms crossed, expecting them to parrot the words and opinions she had forced upon them? When a custody battle turns ugly, or is anything but 100% FRIENDLY, the children need their own representation, and mine should have had that right. The outcome could have been very different, and they may not have lost a loving parent’s presence while they were growing up.

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Mr. Murton threatened to shoot Mrs. Murton
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