Paul Murton Toronto For Councillor Ward 19

Paul Murton Toronto For Councillor Ward 19

First of all, I would like to introduce myself. I have lived in the Beach neighbourhood for nearly three decades and have always taken an interest in the the community. For many years, I ran community newspapers in both the Beach and East York covering local politics, important issues, and community events. It has always frustrated me that the elected officials in the Beach and East York seem to have interests that are outside of our wards, or that have little or nothing to do with what is best for our unique communities. I have spoken out against the unfair 20-year contract being held over the Beach waterfront retail opportunities, the sewage infrastructure issues, parking and bike-lane debates and political corruption. I have photographed and encouraged local festivals and events, encouraging tourism, being proud to show off our wonderful end of the city. This is my chance to do more than just write and take pictures. I want to take the issues that affect us all and bring them to City Hall on behalf of the neighbourhood I have loved for so many years, so I can make it even better than it already is.

The reason I am running is because of the overall lack of true democracy in politics. The whole idea of casting votes towards a chosen elected official is so that those of us voting have someone to represent our interests, and speak and act on our behalves. When democracy was first created, the concept may have actually been practiced, but times have changed. The NDP candidate works for the NDP party, and his or her decisions are based on socialist priorities, regardless of how those decisions will affect the population as a whole. The Conservative candidate represents the top 1%, and will vote yes to a fancy new condo over affordable housing every time at the behest of property moguls.

We need to go back to the roots of democracy so the majority can be heard again. The problem is, the candidates who care what the people want can’t afford the hundreds of shiny signs, the pimped out campaign bus, the ads bashing the competition or tantalizing perks to lure hoards of enthusiastic canvassers.

So, how do we get the little guy represented? We get together and ELECT ourselves a little guy! The next great candidate doesn’t have $40,000, and the struggling voters who need to be heard at city hall aren’t the type to have $5000 lying around the house. BUT, a whole BUNCH of struggling voters have $20 or $50 to spare on payday for the right cause.

Groups of little guys could send one or two trusted community members around to neighbourhood homes to collect smaller donations for a few thousand dollars each, “street captains” if you will. The donations could be brought to an actual human being who understood and cared about the members of the community who could run for office and bring the real issues of the people to city hall. In collecting donations, Street Captains could gather important information from the constituents, such as their concerns, issues and what is most important to them in the upcoming election. With the actual people of the riding funding the leadership and sharing their thoughts more directly, the ideas at the heart of democracy would finally find their way back into Canadian politics.


I was unable to speak at the meeting held on September 24 at Kingston Road United Church… It seems I was not on the list seen by the organizers, and they were short on time. I did make an attempt though!


*We will be appearing on October 14th at the following locations if you would like to meet the Candidate. Please come introduce yourself and feel free to ask questions!!


Sunday, October 14


10am-12pm Leslieville Farmers Market @ Jonathan Ashbridge Park


12pm-2pm Ashbridge Estate @ 1444 Queen St. E


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