Facebook 2020 – I Have become a web marketer

Facebook 2020 – I Have become a web marketer

Some 35 years after my radio show at UofT, I noticed one common talent running through all of my little ideas.I was good at getting web sites to the top of Google. I had become a “Google Guide”, in that I had mastered the art of Search Engine Optimization and Google Keywords, allowing me to provide the perfect website content to ensure maximum exposure online. With a few little tricks and articles written just so, I could guarantee that a business would appear among the top results in any Google search. With that in mind, I started creating optimized websites for various businesses. With my skills in Search Engine Optimization and the assistance of my trusty writer of 20+ years, trained in the art of keywords, my clients are always pleased with the results. 

For a few years I championed my website dbsDuplication into a full time job. But with new technology, there was a decline in the interest in CD duplication. In 2019 CDs are only really used as a way for artists to get paid at a live event . Much like a t-shirt, a CD is a souvenir of an event that fans often can’t find anywhere else. While I wasn’t filling CD orders for DBS Duplication, I created a few sites of my own to sell products online to the public at competitive rates. 

Services From Paul Murton Toronto

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Trained as a graphic artist
this skill set works well with the list below

Sales agent for

CD DVD Duplication ($1.50 per copy) + Beatle Records 

7″ 45 Vinyl Record Pressing

Custom Mini Hockey Sticks

Clear Plastic Business Cards

T-Shirts – Hats – Keychains


Working as a Marketing Guy
Local Toronto Advertising

Sales agent for

Basic WordPress Web Sites ($350)

SEO Top of Google For $175 Per Month

Brand Ambassadors – Promo Models

Promotion On TV Screen Walls

Biz Card Ads On Take-Out Menus

Social Media ($275)
Promote on Instagram

Marketing Services – see list below

Art =
Music =
Fashion =
Food =
Film =
Theather =
Caribbean =


Working as a Photo Guy

360 Virtual Tour ($250)

Posting Producing Editing Videos($300)

Photo Guy

– – – – – – – –

Working as a salesman

Free Debit Machines

– – – – – – – –

Working as a DJ since 1977

Wedding DJ For $350

Get a free BEATLES 45 7″ record with any purchase over $200
or 1,000 Free Full Colour Biz Cards


With Covid 19 had everyone home and on Facebook, I used the opportunity to post pics and videos from the Miss Toronto Tourism beauty pageant. A typical picture of what I had for dinner would get you two likes. But an attractive girl in a bikini would get 650 to 950 views and likes when posted on my stories and news feed. No one knows the pics were from 2009, and most of them probably don’t care. Also, using the power of a pretty girl could get the associated sponsored link big numbers at the linked site. I soon had a number of requests from current aspiring models asking to be featured in a 2020 ad campaign. 

I have been criticized for posting photos of young women showing skin, of course, but it was all above board. The models are all of age and have signed a statement acknowledging and permitting the use of their images. If they look unhappy, they are likely inexperienced and a little shy, or striving for the more serious ‘editorial’, rather than smiling ‘Sears catalog’ look. The fact is, the majority of them approached me for my photography skills and my ability to increase their exposure. Aspiring models don’t make it very far in the industry if nobody sees their photos.

Nowadays I’m pretty much a Jack-of-all-trades and tending to my various websites and small business ventures. I still enjoy the arts of music, design and photography, so I think my next idea will likely incorporate one or all of these creative outlets. I don’t own a house in the Beaches anymore, but the window of my apartment/office has an incredible view of the lake. I’ve had some amazing experiences and met countless talented and interesting people. It’s been a pretty wild ride so far, and it’s nowhere near over! My FaceBook

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