The Beatles

Beatles In Public Domain Canada by Paul Murton

I own dbsMusic and issued these Beatles records

In Canada, until very recently, sound recordings were protected by copyright for 50 years, after which time, they’d fall into public domain. This national kink in intellectual property law explains why a company called Stargrove Entertainment was able to chart one of Walmart Canada’s best-selling albums at the beginning of 2015 with a $5, 11-song CD called Love Me Do by The Beatles. The CD was sold at a much cheaper price point than any of Universal Music’s Beatles offerings, while the publishing rights holders were still paid due royalties. The company was in varying stages of doing the same with early material from the Rolling Stones and the Beach Boys (now, also in public domain).

Now dbsMusic is issuing Beatle 7″ 45s

These records are the original recording that have fallen into public domain in Canada only.
The music is licensed by CMRRA and is a legal product NOT a bootleg 7″ 45 Record – Limited run of 500 7″ records per title for sale in Canada Only – All Records Are Numbered Special Limited Edition. DBS represents that this individually numbered edition is limited to 550 pressings on Nov 7th 2017. (1 0f 550)

known as – DBS 001
1) I Want To Hold Your Hand
I Saw Her Standing There

known as – DBS 002
2) She Loves You
I’ll Get You

known as – DBS 003
3) Please Please Me
Ask Me Why

known as – DBS 004
4) From Me To You
Thank You Girl

5) known as – DBS 005
Sie Liebt Dich
I’ll Get You

Made in Canada Mechanical rights licensed by CMRRA for This is a public domain sound recording in Canada – Pub: Northern Songs

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